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Higher Productivity, More Mobility
 Postech’s Total Wearable Solutions are the only dedicated family of enterprise wearable devices built on Android to deliver unrivaled scan performance and manageability. By combining the hands-free mobility of wearable technology with one-of-a kind features like tap offer the user operational flexibility needed to replace complexity with productivity.  
  • Hands-free mobile
    Wearable data terminals provide employees
    with hands-free mobility that takes
    productivity to a whole
    new level.

  • Scanning performance
    Take advantage of the industry's most advanced and rugged Bluetooth ring scanner to minimize scan failures, even in challenging
    Mobility DNA refers to a genetic sequence that provides Postech's mobile data terminals with basic and unique corporate characteristics and capabilities.SUBMIT
FS01 Ring 1D Laser Scanner
Omron scanning button
1.5m drop test
IP64 Rating
iPhone, iPad, Android Compatible
FS02 Ring QR Scanner
Scan 1D and 2D
USB, Bluetooth, offline scan
Ideal for E-commerce Logistics Inventory
1.5m drope test
FS03 Smallest RIng Scanner
IP42 Rating
Reads popular 1D and 2D barcodes
iPhone, iPad, Android compatible
500mAh replaceable battery
Finger Scanner With Armband
Wearable Solution Replace Traditional Clumsy PDA
You can visualize data with a ring scanner and a wearable smart terminal.



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