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Finger Scanner Ring Bluetooth Scanner With Charging Cradle For WMS

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Wearable Ring Scanner FS02P with charging cradle

Good news for you, until this week , our new ring scanner will come into the market .


Here is the demo : .


Its advantage VS old version :


1. except honeywell / zebra, most of small ring scanner's battery capacity is less than 350mAh, the working time only reach at most 6 hours, that is not enough

FS02P: with 550mAh replaceable battery

2. for battery part : old ring scanner's battery cover is not easy to remove it with original design

FS02P : there is a switch on / off 

3. for case : old one is not so rugged, not so practical for warehouse

FS02P : TPU + PC , more rugged, PC material is more soft and more shock-proof .

4. for charging cradle : old ring scanner has no such charging device

FS02P : standard package has charging cradle (two types : one with extra bluetooth adapter function, one just for charging )

FS02P with charging cradle plus extra bluetooth adapter function : $180 for sample, $169 /pc for 50pcs

FS02P wth charging cradle just for charging : $162.5 for sample, $160.5/pc for 50pcs



For more details, just sent me the email :, or contact me online : skype - unique-amber




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