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Ring Bluetooth Scanner 2D with Touch scan TS02

TS02 is Ring Bluetooth Scanner 2D with touch scanning  , 500mAh  battery and bluetooth charging cradle plus silicon cover will be its main features, such features make it mostly suitable for warehouse counter work or supermarket .

User Manul & Download

TS02 Spec Sheet 
TS02 User Manual 
TS02 SDK & BIM.apk

Product Features
Scan Performance
Newland scan engine N1 for almost 1D barcodes, supporting 2D barcode like PDF417 / Datamatrix / QR Code only

Tiny Size
The smallest and lightest design, reducing your arms' burden

 Scanning Method
 Built-in sensor chip on two sides, lightly touch   to scan with high sensitivity

Silicon Cover

1mm silicon cover, 1.2m drop test, withstanding 200 times

 Charging Cradle

1 . Built-in 500mAh battery, supporting more than 12 hours work

​2. Charging cradle & charger with bluetooth adapter function

Three working modes : HID / SPP / USB mode, it can connect with Android & IOS & Windows system

NFC Connection
Just tap for instand pairing, with NFC, workers can simply tab the TS02 on NFC-enabled android devices

Optional Mobile Terminal
Wearable Armband WT01S
Wearable Terminal WT02S
Phone Holder WT05
Wearable Computer WT04
TS02 Specification
SDK & BIM.apk




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