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Self-Service Print Medical Report

Views:3     Author:Kristen Liang     Publish Time: 2018-11-02      Origin:Site

Are you still waiting in long lines for a report?

In the past: queuing up for reporting in a long line, The scene was chaotic and noisy, Privacy concerns.

But Now: keep the report time free, easy to operate, Sitting and comfortably waiting

Patients who come to the hospital can print out the test results by themselves with a slight scan of the bar code after completing the relevant examination in the outpatient department.



After the self-service printing report system has been put into use, it not only further optimizes the outpatient work flow, to a certain extent, prevents the occurrence of loss of report, mistake of report, leakage of privacy and other phenomena, but also allows patients and their families to wait for reports in a comfortable environment, greatly improving the patient's medical experience.

Listen to the Patient's comment on the Self-print machine

In the past, I always did not know where to take the report. Now, after checking, I will come to this area to print the report by myself. It is really convenient and intimate. The most important thing is to protect my privacy!*******Said by Mr.Xiaoming Wang

It feels very good to have a Self-printer by scanning a barcodes. It's very convenient to report the disease to this area.****Said by Mr.Wangxue.




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