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Application Environment :  Public Hospital in Thailand

Product Order : 2d Mini scanner MS3392 


Before :  do you have any experience? When you go to Hospital to see a doctor, he/she will asking you a lots of questions. what symptoms, what drugs have been used before, whether there is any allergy and so on.
Then the doctor will begin to write his medical record. After writing, you will find that you can't understand what he wrote.

Next time, you go to hospital again. Maybe is another doctor or also the same. But he/she again starting asking you questions. bla bla bla.....

Besides, The doctor's handwritten medical record is very careless. You can't read it. Maybe other doctors will not understand it. Incomplete or inaccurate medical records seriously affect the doctor's judgment or delay the correct treatment, and lead to serious consequences, such as repeated examination, repeated treatment before the ineffective, and even lead to misdiagnosis.

Recent years, two dimensional code electronic medical record is comes out. It more standardized doctor's medical records, doctors can also pay more time and energy to patients, improve the satisfaction of both doctors and patients.

Every medical record book now has a two-dimensional code, which records the patient's basic information, self-report (past medical history, family history, allergy history, symptom description, living habits, etc.), physical examination, auxiliary examination (laboratory report, imaging data, pathological data, etc.), diagnosis record, treatment process (operation record, etc.). Medication) and so on.

The doctor's use Postech Mini Scanner to scan the QR Code on Medical recods, it will quickly to show the patient's past medical records on the computer system. It's Very convenient, patient's don't need to repeat their previous symptoms, medication and allergens. Doctors can quickly check the patients and do not delay the best treatment time.

The Advantage of QR CODE medical records :

1. Reduce the mistakes in handwritten medical records and improve the efficiency of doctors.

2. Greatly facilitated the doctor to consult the patient's past medical history, so that patients can receive timely treatment.

3. Avoid repeated examination, repeated treatment and so on, which will bring high cost and long suffering to patients.

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