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OEM Fixed barcode reader, Embedded Barcode Reader: SE20

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OEM Fixed barcode reader, Embedded Barcode Reader: SE20

     SE02 is an embedded design 2d barcode reader for all kinds of kiosk, self-service and ticketing terminals, such as: Ticket vending machines; Access control gates & turnstiles; Transportation (ticketing of bus,metro...); Loyalty cards; Car park ticket machines.

       SE02  performs excellent for bar code reading both from cell phone screen and paper. It is also outstanding for its high speed motion tolerance which make it can detect and read bar code very quickly.



· Self-service kiosks

· Ticket vending machines

· Access control gates & turnstiles

· Transportation (ticketing of bus, metro...)

· Loyalty cards

· Car park ticket machines



· Sensitive detection and fast reading

· Fixed mount design for embedded use

· Can read from LCD screen and paper

· Detect and read barcode automatically

· Support most 1D and 2D bar codes

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