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MRZ passport reader for duty-free shop

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MRZ passport reader for duty-free shop


Nowadays, overseas traveling comes with shopping, especially for girls. When we left a specific country, at the airport, there are so many duty-free shops with world-renowned cosmetics brands. When we decided to buy something, duty-free shops in some international airports will ask us to show the passport. The reason why we need to show passports at international airports is to reduce the risk of identity theft.

In order to improve the working efficiency and upgrade the guest experience, passport reader( SDK included) came into the market to meet such demands in airport duty-free shops.

The Feacture of MRZ passport Reader

1. IR/Light Triggers:Auto scan and Button scan

2. Long rage and OCR types with fast scanning speed

3. Capable of reading 1d as well as high-volume 2d barcodes on the screen

4. Read ID card and passport





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