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Let Wearable Computer WT04 Replace Traditional PDA For WMS

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        With the rise of e-commerce logistics in China, there has been an e-commerce fever in the world, which has driven the development of the global logistics industry.


          Forwarding company & logistics company & the third party logistics enterprise lead to the fast development for warehouse management .For past warehouse industry, using traditional handheld device for picking up goods is very common. The working mode is that one person is to sort out the goods with the handheld scanner . Another one

      Another person uses computer to register information , such arrangement causes to two people working for two jobs longer time work will leads to the heavy workload, then low working efficiency will be the problem.

      To solve the problem, the market is looking for more smart device to offer service to the bigger and bigger warehouse .  Industrial wearable computer will be a good choice . The wearable armband works like an android phone, you can call up someone and text messege to other persons. Combining with our Ring 2D Scanner can be regarded as a new style android PDA, supporting offiline upload data, bluetooth connection , compatible with Android / IOS / Windows system .

     This wearable computer has 2850mAh replaceable battery, charging time is less than 4 hours . Some clients need it to be without internet, we can customize it for you . On market, only Zebra has comparable ones , so for more details, welcome to visit us :

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