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How the barcode reader to read passport and ID cards?

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How the barcode reader to read passport and ID cards?

The MS430 is a high performance and powerful 2D barcode QR and PDF417 scanner, accurate, sensitive, high speed and very wide readable range, and whatever for tiny or big size code and whatever read from near or far, it can all works fine; If you need a high-level performance 2d barcode reader for banks, for hospital or others a public place where there is a lineup, this would be your ideal choice. And especially, for the big size and high-density PDF417 in those ID cards or Driver’s license, other common barcode readers can not decode it, then you can use this MS430, what’s more, it’s cost-effective!

1. IR/Light Triggers:Auto scan and Button scan

2. Long rage and OCR types with fast scanning speed

3. Capable of reading 1d as well as high-volume 2d barcodes on the screen

4. Read ID card and passport

5. USB and RS232 option





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