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How does bluetooth finger barcode scanner works for warehouse barcode ?

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User Background :

         A company from Czech  is distributor of company Addonics Technologies, Inc. for Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, premier world's producer of the whole series unique storage solutions not only for IT professionals but also normal users and as well exclusive importer of all products company Twinhead International Corp. for Czech and Slovak republic.

 finger barcode reader

User Needs :

        The client has a project for warehouse management, before today, they used windows PDA, very heavy and not so convenient. In addition, their warehouse use 2d barcodes, so they are looking for  finger bluetooth barcode scanner 2d with mobile data terminal to manage their parcel with higher efficiency .


Solution : bluetooth finger barcode scanner FS02 + wt02 armband

 wearable terminal

Product Advantage :

1. FS02 use Motorola scan engine, super fast scan speed

2. WT02 has phone clip to adjus the size for different phones

3. WT02’s battery is 3200mAh replaceable and rechargeable ones

4. Such solution supports more than 8 hours work

5. FS02 ring barcode reader can connect with Android & IOS& Windows


Application : Transportation/Logistics Warehouse

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