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FS01 1D Bluetooth Ring Scanner Connecting With Android App For Gas Station Management

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User Background :


The A company from Italy makes PCB, cables, human and vehicle recognition system, telemetry, collecting and manage of information, including their products for the storage facilities, fuel stations and private vehicular fleet, we build custom solutions and customized work.

 wearable scanner

User Needs :


The client offers PCB/ cable/vehicle recognition system for gas station, so they looked for a kind of more hands-free barcode reader to manage these items with higher efficiency.


Solution : Ring Scanner 1D Laser Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

 FS01 ring scanner

Product Advantage :

  1. Small ring scanner, easy to wear

  2. Light weight reduces the burden for the finger

  3. 350mAh replaceable battery supports more than 8 hours after full charge

  4. Omron scan engine , 10 million times lifespan

  5. Branding scan engine like Zebra, super faster scan speed

  6. IP64 grade with 3mm protective silicon cover


Combining with a wearable armband or wearable terminal will be formed into a new style PDA, more cost-effective for the person who will use it . So such ring bluetooth scanner will give you a different usage difference .

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