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1D Industrial Ring Scanner FS01P With IP65 Grade

FS01P is the first industrial 1D ring bluetooth scanner , 550mAh replaceable battery and bluetooth charging cradle plus IP65 rugged case will be its main features, such features make it mostly suitable for Logistics warehouse / counter picking / automotive industry and so on .
Product Features
Rugged Material

1. TPU+ PC materia                                                                                 
​2. Pure PC material is stronger than ABS+PC and it's resistant to falling. TPU is a soft material for shockproof

Zebra Scan Engine, fast scanning speed

​For almost all 1d  barcodes,  including broken barcodes.
Flexible  Battery Design

​There is a switch off / on for the battery cover , which makes it very convenient to remove battery
High  Battery Capacity 

​550mAh replaceable battery, supporting at least 10.4 hours after full charge

Charging Method 
Charging Cradle function :

​ 1 . bluetooth adapter
​ 2 . charging battery or the whole device

 Scanning Method

​1. Mechnical Scanning

​2. Touch Scanning
 Supporting Offline Upload

In the user-manuel, just turn on "offline state"  to start offline upload .

Three working modes : HID / SPP / USB mode, it can connect with Android & IOS & Windows system .
Optional Mobile Terminal
Wearable Armband WT01S
Wearable Terminal WT02S
Phone Holder WT05
Wearable Computer WT04
FS01P Specification
SDK & BIM.apk




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